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je6ddm-bm3d8qd maroonish red Price in Bangladesh

je6ddm-bm3d8qd maroonish red
৳57,800.00 ৳54,910.00
You Save: ৳2,890.00 (5%)
SKU: je6ddm-bm3d8qd
Brand: Jamuna
Category: Refrigerator
  • Released: 12 jun, 2023
  • Refrigerator Type: Inverter System
  • Capacity: 348 Liter
  • Door Type: Cristal Glass Door (QD)
  • Net Weight (Kg): 73.340Kg

Jamuna je6ddm-bm3d8qd maroonish red Price and full Specification

BD Price

Price ৳57800.00
Offer Price ৳54910.00


Announced 06 April, 2023
Made By Banglabesh

Fridge Highlights

Model No je6ddm-bm3d8qd
Door Type Cristal Glass Door (QD)
Refrigerator Type Inverter System
Cooling Featured Direct Cool
Cooling Effect Cooling Effect in Freezer : T≤ :0:- 18°C Cooling Effect IN Refrigerator : +2°C ~
Interior LED light
Colour Black Strips, Red

Dimensions (Net)

Width 625 mm
Depth/mm 568 mm
Height/mm 1865 mm


Width/mm 660 mm
Depth/mm 620 mm
Height/mm 1875 mm

Electric Power Distribution

Operating Voltage 110V~300V
Recommended voltage stabilizer capacity 250V
Voltage stabilizer Included


Warranty Information

Residential Use
Main Parts (Compressor) 10 Years
Door 3 Years
Spare Parts 4 Years

Our Rating

The overall rating is based on review by our experts Team.

  • Price 5 / 10
  • Design 5 / 10
  • Performance 5 / 10
  • User Opinion 5 / 10

As the demand for Jamuna fridge is high among consumers in the Bangladeshi market, the price may be seen as a bit lower than the normal fridge. But if you want to use it at home then Jamuna fridge is on your list of choice. Let’s see Jamuna je6ddm-bm3d8qd maroonish red price in Bangladesh.

Jamuna je6ddm-bm3d8qd maroonish red price in bangladesh

Jamuna je6ddm-bm3d8qd maroonish red model original price of refrigerator is 57800 TAKA , but currently due to offer this refrigerator is available in the market for 54910 TAKA.

So if your budget is a little more than fifty thousand taka then the je6ddm-bm3d8qd maroonish red fridge can be the best for you.

Inverter System of Jamuna Refrigerator je6ddm-bm3d8qd maroonish

Inverter technology in refrigerators works similarly to how it operates in other home appliances, but with specific adaptations to meet the cooling requirements of refrigeration.

Traditional refrigerators use fixed-speed compressors that turn on and off to maintain the desired temperature inside the fridge. When the temperature rises above the set level, the compressor switches on at full power, and once the desired temperature is reached, it turns off until the temperature rises again. This cycle repeats continuously.

In contrast, refrigerators equipped with inverter systems use variable-speed compressors. The inverter compressor adjusts its speed based on the cooling demand, continuously regulating the cooling output rather than shutting off and starting again. The compressor can run at lower or higher speeds as needed to maintain a more stable and consistent temperature inside the refrigerator.

Benefits of Inverter Technology in Refrigerators:

1. Energy Efficiency: One of the primary advantages of inverter technology in refrigerators is its energy efficiency. By adjusting the compressor speed according to the cooling requirements, the refrigerator consumes less energy than traditional models with fixed-speed compressors. This leads to lower electricity bills and reduced environmental impact.

2. Stable Temperature: The continuous operation of the inverter compressor allows the refrigerator to maintain a more stable and uniform temperature inside the unit. This feature helps in preserving food freshness for a longer time and reduces temperature fluctuations that can affect the quality of stored items.

3. Quieter Operation: Inverter compressors tend to produce less noise compared to fixed-speed compressors. The smoother and continuous operation results in reduced vibrations and noise levels, making the refrigerator quieter during its operation.

4. Longer Lifespan: The gradual and controlled operation of the inverter compressor can lead to less wear and tear on the system. This can potentially extend the lifespan of the refrigerator, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

5. Eco-Friendly: Due to its energy-saving capabilities, using an inverter refrigerator can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and overall environmental impact.

Without voltage stabilizer offer

Jamuna Refrigerator je6ddm-bm3d8qd maroonish Refrigerators that are designed to operate without the need for a separate voltage stabilizer offer several advantages:

1. Cost-Effectiveness: Since you don’t need to invest in a separate voltage stabilizer, it reduces the overall cost of buying and setting up the refrigerator. This can be particularly beneficial for budget-conscious consumers.

2. Simplicity and Convenience: A refrigerator without the need for a voltage stabilizer is more straightforward to install and use. There is no need to deal with an additional device, and you don’t have to worry about maintenance or potential issues with the stabilizer.

3.Space Saving: Voltage stabilizers can be bulky, especially if you have a large refrigerator. By eliminating the need for a stabilizer, you save space and reduce clutter around your refrigerator area.

4.Reliability: Some voltage stabilizers may themselves be prone to failures or malfunctions. By relying solely on the refrigerator’s built-in voltage regulation system, you may have better confidence in the appliance’s reliability.

5.Optimized for Performance: Manufacturers design refrigerators with built-in voltage regulation to work optimally with the appliance’s specific power requirements. This integration can result in better performance and energy efficiency.

6.Protection against Wide Voltage Fluctuations: Refrigerators with inbuilt voltage regulation can often handle a wide range of voltage fluctuations, providing protection against sudden power surges or drops.

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