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Walton WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter) Price in Bangladesh

Walton WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter)
৳51,690.00 ৳45,487.00
You Save: ৳6,203.00 (12%)
SKU: WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter)
Brand: Walton Refrigerator
Category: Refrigerator
  • Released: April 6, 2023
  • Refrigerator Type: Direct Cool
  • Capacity: 333 Ltrs
  • Door Type: Glass Door
  • Net Weight (Kg): 66± 2 KG

Walton WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter) Price & Specification

BD Price

Price ৳ 51,690.00
Offer Price ৳ 45487.00


Announced 06 April, 2023
Status Available
BD Released 07 April, 2023
Made By Bangladesh
Assembled in Bangladesh

Fridge Highlights

Model No WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter)
Door Type Glass Door
Refrigerator Type Frost Free
Cooling Featured Direct Cool
Cooling Effect Freezer Cabinet Less than -18℃ Refrigerator Cabinet 0℃ to +5℃
Interior LED light
Colour Black

Dimensions (Net)

Width 650 mm
Depth/mm 650 mm
Height/mm 1740 mm


Width/mm 710 mm
Depth/mm 710 mm
Height/mm 1790 mm

Electric Power Distribution

Operating Voltage 110V~300V
Recommended voltage stabilizer capacity 250V
Voltage stabilizer Included


Extra Features 1. Special Technology: Nano Health care
2. Using Latest Intelligent INVERTER technology
2. Egg Tray: 2 Pcs
3. Door Basket: 4 Pcs
4. Gross Volume: 348 Ltr

Warranty Information

Residential Use
Replacement Guarantee 1 Year (Condition Apply)
Main Parts (Compressor) 12 Years
Door 3 Years
Spare Parts 4 Years

Our Rating

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  • Price 5 / 10
  • Design 5 / 10
  • Performance 5 / 10
  • User Opinion 5 / 10

Walton is a popular brand in Bangladesh that offers a range of refrigerators with various features and capacities. Today I will talk about Walton WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter) Price in Bangladesh including specifications.

Model:WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter)
BD Price:BDT 45487.00 TAKA 
Capacity:333 Ltrs
Door Type:Glass Door
Cooling Effect:Freezer Cabinet Less than -18℃ Refrigerator Cabinet 0℃ to +5℃
Compressor Warranty:12 Years
Net Weight:66± 2 KG
Refrigerator type:Inverter Technology

Bangladesh price of Walton WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter) Fridge

The Walton WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter) fridge is currently priced at BDT 51690.00. But discounted price is BDT 38667.00 This offer price available for a limited time. The Walton WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter) fridge offers several features that may justify its price, including a large net volume of 333 liters, a frost-free cooling system, adjustable glass shelves, and a vegetable crisper. The inverter compressor technology also makes it more energy-efficient and quieter compared to traditional compressor fridges. If you’re considering buying the Walton WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter) fridge, it’s important to check the warranty and after-sales service offered by the manufacturer or retailer. This can help you make an informed decision and ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money.

Capacity of Walton WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter) Fridge

The Walton Fridge model number WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter) has a net volume of 333 liters and a gross volume of 348 liters. The difference between net volume and gross volume is that net volume refers to the actual storage capacity of the fridge, while gross volume includes the space taken up by shelves, drawers, and other components. This fridge is equipped with an inverter compressor, which provides energy-efficient cooling and helps to reduce electricity bills.

The fridge features a double door design with a freezer compartment located at the top and a fridge compartment located at the bottom. The fridge also comes with a built-in LED display that shows the temperature and allows you to adjust the settings. Other features of the Walton Fridge model number WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter) include a frost-free cooling system, an interior LED light, adjustable glass shelves, and a vegetable crisper. The fridge is also designed to operate silently, making it a good choice for use in apartments, condos, or other small living spaces. Overall, the Walton Fridge model number WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter) is a reliable and energy-efficient appliance that provides ample storage space for your food and drinks while helping to keep your electricity bills low.

Inverter technology of Walton WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter)

The Walton WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter) fridge uses inverter technology in its compressor, which is a key feature of modern refrigerators. Inverter technology is designed to provide more efficient and precise cooling compared to traditional compressor technology. In a traditional fridge, the compressor turns on and off to regulate the temperature inside the fridge. This can lead to temperature fluctuations and energy wastage. In contrast, an inverter compressor in a fridge uses a variable speed motor that adjusts the cooling capacity according to the temperature needs of the fridge.

This means that the compressor can operate at different speeds, depending on the cooling demand, resulting in more precise temperature control and energy efficiency. One of the main benefits of inverter technology in fridges is energy efficiency. Inverter compressors consume less energy compared to traditional compressors because they don’t have to start and stop as frequently.

This means that inverter fridges use less energy and can help reduce your electricity bills over time. Another benefit of inverter technology is that it operates more quietly compared to traditional compressors. Since inverter compressors don’t turn on and off as frequently, they produce less noise and vibration, resulting in a quieter fridge operation.

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Overall, inverter technology is an important feature of modern refrigerators like the Walton WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter) fridge. It provides more efficient and precise cooling, reduces energy consumption, and operates more quietly compared to traditional compressor technology.


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